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Default Re: So Harrison is allowed to criticize coaches?

Originally Posted by LLoyd&Greene View Post
Why would you take that as a shot at Lebeau when everyone knows that the offense is the part of the team that underachieved? To me that was an obvious shot at Haley and the offense. The offense has guys capable of making plays all over the place, yet they just couldn't get it together for an extended amount of time. I know people seem to think that the offense was rolling until Ben got hurt, but that's only in comparison to how they looked while he was out and when he came back. The reality is that the offense underachieved all year. Even before Ben got hurt they had left a ton of points on the field. Harrison was getting at Haley here imo.
Then why didn't he just say it's the offense's fault? He hasn't been shy about it in the past.
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