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Well you quoted me so I will answer for myself. At what point did you get the impression I wasn't sticking with the team? If I wasn't sticking with the team I wouldn't care that we have had one of worst seasons I have ever watched and I wouldn't care who was coaching and what decisions they made.

Anyway, I am with the team. I am not with the coach who is dragging our team down.

Look, I am all for loyalty and love that our team stays so consistent. The problem here, is that there are VERY clear decisions that all fall on Tomlins head that were terrible and you can see our teams progression.

Superbowl, first round of the playoffs, not even in the playoffs. As some have pointed out, it is getting to a time when the original team he inherited is not going to be there anymore and it is starting to truly become the team he is building. I don't like what I am seeing.

So I will meet you in the middle. We can see what happens next year. If we miss the playoffs again, I say we let him go and start fresh. This team is too talented not to AT LEAST make the playoffs. Especially considering how bad our division actually was this year.
I was talking about the fans that have only been negative about the team for the last part of this season. I should have made that more clear, I was just quoting you when it came to Tomlin and Cowher. I do see your point with the regression over the past three years. Tomlin definitely deserves to come back and if the season next year is like this then we could talk about him leaving more seriously. He did make many mistakes but so did the players themselves and injuries were a big problem.
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