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Originally Posted by Cyphon View Post
Not sure. Dream come true would be Cowher back. Not going to happen but a guy can dream.

In any case, we would have a year to find a good choice.

Wow, thank goodness that you're not running a franchise that I root for. You seem to be completely oblivious. Good coaches aren't a dime a dozen, and how would the Steelers have a year to find one? Do you expect them to look during the season while Tomlin is still the guy? How old are you?

I am concerned. But my other concern is letting a guy continue off of reputation alone if they aren't producing results.

Tomlin has produced though. Again, the team was just in the SB and was 12-4 the 2 seasons before this one.

My lack of respect comes from seeing him make decisions that even retards could make better.

I think that you're giving yourself too much credit, I don't know if you could have done any better. Jokes aside, you don't think that you're being a little irrational? I think that Tomlin has made some bad decisions as well, but the bad decisions that he's made this year don't outweigh the success that he has led the team to over the course of his 6 seasons. Your lack of respect is a result of being ignorant.

It does make sense. As I have already pointed out. You just don't like it.

SB -> out in the first round of the playoffs -> can't even make the playoffs in a weak division. It is a disturbing trend.

I'll tell you what's disturbing, fans who are as cluelessly spoiled as you. You don't make any sense. No team is guranteed to make the playoffs and win games every year. Evidently it's not as simple or as easy as you think it is, don't you think? The team was just in the SB in 2010, but because they lost in the 1st round last year and didn't make the playoffs this year Tomlin should be fired? Obviously you weren't around when Cowher missed the playoffs 3 straight years. This isn't a franchise that makes knee-jerk reactions and fires coaches willy-nilly. Don't know why so many socalled fans don't understand that.
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