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Default Re: Kovacevic: This one's on the franchise QB

Not hijacking this thread but while Ben is part of the problem. I think the above describes the all around situation better. I don't like Madden but he's right. The Team Management of the Steelers this year was an complete trainwreck... Coaches to Talent evaluators.

I'll bet money that the Coaches will fail again by playing Ben, Troy, Harrison, etc. None of them should play this game. It is meaningless and there is no reason for more injuries but I bet Tomlin will fuck this up with a week to think about it.

PS Tomlin- The wife and I flew in to watch KC and Ravens. I want my money back.... thanks. I don't mind a hard fought game but the STEELERS LITERALLY LOOKED LIKE CLOWNS on the field. Could you please warn us if you are actually coaching that week? I thought I was watching Idaho, Auburn, Memphis, or Akron or any other BOTTOM 10 college team.
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