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Default Re: How to Reload - Not Rebuild - This Team

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Haley's critical error this offseason was making the team - more importantly, the receivers - adjust to his gameplan instead of gameplanning around the talent he already had at his disposal.
Have to disagree here. For 2 reasons.

1. Haley continually said he gameplans to his players strengths and I believe him when he says it. None of us are on the inside seeing it but I really liked what Haley did with the offense. Take away very poor execution and we probably have the offense you are talking about. Ben had one of the best TD/INT ratios in the league this year and I believe took less sacks than usual.

2. There was likely pressure from above for Haley to skew his plays, if he did at all. Keep in mind Rooney initially said Ben has to play different or whatever. You can't really tell Rooney know.

So IF it were on Haley (which I totally disagree with anyway), some of that has to be put on Rooney. Or likely does.

We Don't Have a Legitimate Running Back on This Roster - Period.
Disagree here as well. This is one that can be placed on the coaching decisions and one of the worst run blocking lines in football.

I think the number 1 issue was the coaching decisions. We had the running back by committee shit that just doesn't work. You need RB's to get into rythm. After that was a very bad run blocking line. Without improving those 2 things, it wouldn't matter if we had AP or AF. I guess you could also point out how Tomlin treated our RB's. Which was pretty shitty and not consistent with how he treated players at other positions.

As for not having a legit back, you are way wrong on that as I have proven to you in other threads already. But I will repeat why you are wrong here. Redman is the guy.

He has 3 career games with 17 or more carries. The results are as follows:

19 carries for 92 yards with a 4.8 avg and a long of 22.
17 carries for 121 yards with a 7.1 avg and a long of 32 (playoff game).
26 carries for 146 yards with a 5.6 avg and a long of 28.

So he is 3 for 3 with good games as a "feature" back. Including being able to get a splash play in each. He is our best blocking black, can catch out of the backfield and is a menace in short yardage situations which also makes him a menace at the goalline. He wears down defenses and never goes down on the first tackle. I am not sure I remember a back with more fight than this guy has. And looking at the numbers above his best game was a playoff game, so we know he can do it on the big stage.

So answer me this. What isn't to like? Inconsistent running behind an inconsistent line with an inconsistent amount of carries? I agree. I don't like that either but that is on the coaches.

Everyone here is calling for a feature back when we have a guy right under our noses.

So what arguments are going to be made.

1. He gets injured. He had 1 injury this year that kept him out of one game. Compared to Mendenall who we all know the results of his injury.

2. He is too slow. Really? Is that why he consistently has gains of 20 plus and just 2 games ago broke a 22 yarder to the outside? Yes, he is slow. But so was Hines Ward. So was Jerome Bettis. Being fast doesn't mean being good. It certainly helps but it is far from necessary.

3. He hasn't done it consistently. Well, you can't make that argument until we have seen it. If he is 3 for 3 why is he not getting a shot to be the feature guy? Especially given that he is playoff proven and does it when it counts.

Look, it isn't like I am arguing this because I know the guy and like him. I am arguing facts and stats here. I want any back we have to be successful regardless of who starts. I am just curious why everyone seems to be ignoring what is right in front of them.

Some may wonder why I say 17 carries. Earlier in the season some analyst pointed out how when Ray Rice had 17 or more carries the Ravens won and when less they lost. So I looked at one of the best backs in the league and one from our division which is who we have to compete with most to come up with that number. Keeping that in mind, we won 2 of the 3 games when Redman had 17 or more carries as well. And lets be honest, the one loss was on the defense in OT vs the Broncos.

And if you look around the league the top 8 backs in the league average 17 or more carries per game
So if you are going to keep talking about us not having a back you need to be able to actually provide counters to the above information.

Troy didn't get a pick or forced fumble all year long and often times, wasn't affecting the play or forcing the quarterback to look another way just by his presence. They weren't scared of him like they were a few years back and it's showing.
I think you are way off the mark on Troy. His results were just fine given how much he played. What the concern is with him, is staying injury free. So yeah, include him on the list but do it with the more important reasoning. Hell, we just saw him vs the Bengals making critical plays.

Harrison, Hampton and Keisel generated very little pressure all year long and their ages are showing through as well. It's been so disappointing to see Harrison fall so far in just a single year after the decade of solid, ass-kicking play he's had. It's time for these guys to set off for greener pastures.
I mostly agree here. Again, Harrison though, is more about injury.

This is one spot I thought we needed to get some depth in the off season and get younger at. D-line and LB.

He has two sacks on the year despite playing 1/10th of the snaps that Hampton did which is telling. He needs to be the starting defensive tackle on the line this year.
I don't think you can really compare them like that. Hamptons thing has always been blowing up or stuffing the run which he still did well this year. He comes out on third down (sack down) and always has.

I am not against younger guys getting their shot but again, I think you are taking bad angles to try and prove your points.

This one is perhaps the most important. Not only can we not miss a single pick in the first five rounds, we need those guys to start. Immediately. OLB, FS, SS, ILB and RB - in that order.
While I don't think it is as crucial as you make it sound, I think I mostly agree with your list here. We absolutely need new guys at the first 3 spots. The latter 2.....Well, I guess we are strong in enough places that those 2 work. Troy and Clark definitely need some replacements for the future. Mundy sucks.

Change the Defensive Scheme

No more playing 10 yards off the receiver and giving up 8 yard throws on every play. No more Cover 2 on every single down. Let our CBs play press and 'backers get to the quarterback - something they're best at.
Can't fully agree here since our pass coverage was pretty effective this year. Number 1 in yards given up IIRC. I think a good mix works just fine. Now if they need 8 yards we certainly shouldn't be playing 10 yards off. In any case I am excited about the improvement from our CB's.

Mike Wallace is our best wide receiver right now. While he had a down year, he was trying to fit into a system that wasn't correct for him.
I am starting to think you don't even watch the games buddy. Our best receiver is easily Antonio Brown. It really isn't even close. I am not saying that because Wallace had an off year or anything and I am still happy with him as our WR, but Brown is our best. That isn't even including his PR capability as well as far as overall value is concerned.

Merry Christmas Eve, Guys.
Same to you.

And I know I get a bit rough in the debates but I feel it makes for better discussion. Let me know if you have a problem with a way I am saying certain things and I will try and moderate my tone. I know you and I have had some debates already so I don't want you to think I am targeting you or anything.
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