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Default Re: Fire Tomlin

L&G.....If you don't mind could you not respond inside the quotes like that? It makes it harder to respond to the specific points.

Originally Posted by LLoyd&Greene View Post
Wow, thank goodness that you're not running a franchise that I root for. You seem to be completely oblivious.
Pot calling the kettle black methinks.

Good coaches aren't a dime a dozen, and how would the Steelers have a year to find one? Do you expect them to look during the season while Tomlin is still the guy?
They could certainly start considering options if not outright speaking to specific people. Keep their eyes on people they like etc....

How old are you?

Tomlin has produced though. Again, the team was just in the SB and was 12-4 the 2 seasons before this one.
As I have pointed out, he is on a downward trend you seem to want to ignore. You are doing exactly what I don't want to see which is living off of old successes. His old successes are why I have said to give him another year. But what if we miss the playoffs again? What if we are out in the first round?

And I want to stress that I wouldn't even be so hard on him if we had a worse team but as you yourself point out, we have a team that has been the SB and been 12-4. So we have the talent to do it. Coaching has to be better though.

I think that Tomlin has made some bad decisions as well, but the bad decisions that he's made this year don't outweigh the success that he has led the team to over the course of his 6 seasons.
It depends on how you view it. If it were minor things I might agree with you. However, he is having major malfunctions in his decisions. One of the worst calls I have ever seen made was having Shuisam attempt from 54. So you can argue well....He probably showed the leg for it in practice so we gave him a chance. Cool. He had his chance and blew it. The problem is, Tomlin made the same call TWICE......TWICE. He mad the worst call I have ever seen TWICE in the same year and one of them was during what was basically a playoff game.

Your lack of respect is a result of being ignorant.
Again, pot calling the kettle black. You seem blind to what is right in front of you. You are ignoring current problems because of past successes.

I'll tell you what's disturbing, fans who are as cluelessly spoiled as you.
Pot kettle. Pot kettle. Pot kettle. If nothing else, you are consistent.

Evidently it's not as simple or as easy as you think it is, don't you think? The team was just in the SB in 2010, but because they lost in the 1st round last year and didn't make the playoffs this year Tomlin should be fired?
No. He should be fired if he doesn't get results next year, as I have already conceded.

And it kind of is as simple as I think. Again, I go back to the FG. That call cost us the game the first time Tomlin made the call. That one game has us in the playoffs or still in the hunt at this point.
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