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Default Re: So Harrison is allowed to criticize coaches?

Originally Posted by sexyllama View Post
The Offense underachieved? Uh...

How many 4th Quarter leads did this Defense give up?
The Defense gave up 34, 26, and 34 to the worst teams/offenses in the league.

The Defense played well for a few games and then was the same roll of the dice as the offense. Just because they showed up 4-5 games does not make them awesome. Stats we got'em. Wins we don't. Look up that 4th Quarter leads. I remember them all.

BTW- Overall the Defense played way better but I'm pretty sure he meant the coaching was suspect all year. They were never in synch. 50% of the team didn't show up each game (whether it be offense of defense) and the OFF & DEF took 4 or 5 complete games off this year. (i.e. they didn't even get off the bus)
Yes, the offense underachieved all year. You can't just list points that opposing teams scored as if the they're all on the defense. Not even counting turnovers, the offense set up a lot of points for the opposing team simply by being so inept. Turnovers, constant 3 and outs, squandering good field position, and giving the other team good field position all played apart in the scores that you just listed. Did you not watch the games in favor of just reading the stats? The defense played much better than the offense did this year. The defense overachieved while the offense underachieved.
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