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Default Re: Big Ben Comebacks

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post

Ben > Peyton...... Lol! You are a fool. Congrats, you have written The most incorrect post I've ever read on this site.

Peyton never had a defense to bail him out if he couldn't carry the game on his own shoulders like hes been doing EVERY game his whole career. now that he has a defense watch out. Peyton dont need to extend plays with his legs because he is intelligent and reads defenses like a OC and gets rid of the ball exactly where it needs to be,
when it needs to be there. The man takes a season off from playing, re strengthens his damaged nerves, learns to get in sync with a new unit of receivers and is still deservedly going to the pro bowl, a TRUE NOMINEE for MVP and comeback player of the year. Let me repeat myself, You are a fool.

Only reason why Ben was in the pro bowl last season was because Peyton wasn't playing from injury.

Wanna talk about playing well in the playoffs? If Van Olhoffen didn't injure Palmer playing against us, we probably wouldn't even made it to the big game. Speaking of which, Go rewatch the Seahawks superbowl. Ben was embarrassing as a qb and weather you like it or not, was totally bailed out by the officials that game. Ben blew the superbowl against the packers too. Ben played desperate and like shit against the Broncos last session ad well.

If lebeau retires, wait and see Ben's win %, and below average td. Passes per season plummet, and when we are down 14 points at the end of the first quarter every week, watch Bens desperation, and lack of discipline get the best of him again. Int, punt punt, int, punt punt. Seriously. We will be in trouble if we lose our biggest strength.... Dick Lebeau. Ben better smarten up, and stop blaming Haley cause Ben's stuck in the past and doesn't want to learn and push himself to remain competitive....
Let me ask you this has Peyton ever had to play behind a line that Ben has? um No. Has Ben every had WRs like Peyton had(has)? No. (two can play this game)

and Peyton is only a regular season QB & be quiet about the defense bails out Ben yeah he has his games but there is alot of games where he had to bail out the defense & wasn't Ben a MVP candidate before he got hurt? I believe so, & btw Peyton has always choked in the playoffs look at his 4th quarter play from over the years its not that good(who cares if its all on his shoulder if he is so great)

Tbh Haley is the problem our offense is to predictable 1st down run, 2nd down run, 3rd down really? cmon
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