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Default Re: Kovacevic: This one's on the franchise QB

Ben takes the blame, yea he did not play well down the stretch and threw nearly more ints in the last three games than he did the rest of the season. Yea Ben wanted to keep Arians, Ben was not the only one on the Steelers that wanted that. Yea Ben finally said something since preseason that indicated he did not like the offense. But to blame this season on one player is crazy. QB going to reap the lions share of praise for wins(except in Pittsburgh, where the defense always wins the games) and the gripes when they lose.

I thought that Haleys offense was doable mid season when the run game was at least somewhat good. But these last few games it looked a lot like Arians, Run on first no gain and then let Ben try his thing on the next two downs. Haleys version run first down 2 yds, run 2nd down for 2 more or pass short for 4 yds and then count on Ben to bail you out on an obvious passing down when the other team brings the house. We DO NOT have the people to run smash mouth football. If we are going to run then do not do it every first down. It is obvious to me at least that we cannot run the ball, tell me when was the last time we converted a 3rd or 4th and short with a run. Yea you run to keep defenses honest, but if you are ineffective on first down then you have tipped your hand the next two plays.

Our WR while talented get no separation in traffic, (other than Heath, and then he only needs a little cause his hands are the best on the team) they fumble after the catch as much as any tandems in the league, they drop balls, they do not have to be Calvin Johnson, but they could be more like Welker. I do not give a crap if Ben does not put it in the square everytime, I see other receivers bailing out their QB time after time, not to mention the times he hits them in stride and in the hands and they bobble it. Ben throws it they catch, simple, neither has to be perfect but each has his job to do. Hey if i was Captain and the QB and I had played less than sterling I would take the blame even if I knew that the play calling was not to my strengths or even my team mates. I would also take the blame even if I thought the Coach was making the same mistakes every game. I would take the blame even if at times the defender is in the backfield before I can get my feet set. Thats what you leader does, now if I was Peyton Manning and I just lost a playoff game to say the Steelers in 05 I would blame my offensive line post game and my idiot kicker.
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