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Default Re: How to Reload - Not Rebuild - This Team

I have to agree with SCanada, I also do not think we have the RB of the future on the current roster. The brusiers have no break-a-way speed and Mendy dances too much. If Mendy would hit the hole (if there is one) and take what he could get sometimes and then use his speed he would be the "man". Mendy scares me the way he carries the ball, out from his body too much. I do not see us having 3 thousand yd receivers , not with the conservative playcalling I seen this season. I know we still passed more than run, but only because the run was basically nil in gaining yards. All our early runs did was let the other defense know that we were incapable of running and then lock down the short routes. Haley DID NOT play to the TEAMS strengths. Only person who was better this year than last was Heath, and while I thought Heath was under utilized by Arians, he should not of been the featured reciever of this offense. Now if we could go with a two TE set like NE and cause real mismatches I could see it working. The Steelers took a pretty good offense from last year and instead of tweaking it a little and improving they tried to put Ben in a bubble and protect him, by protecting they may extend his career a couple of years. But if this is the result of protecting him then I would rather see him play with abandon and at least score 20 points a game.
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