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Default Re: So Harrison is allowed to criticize coaches?

QB versus LB. QB takes the limelight, every time. James makes the greatest defensive play in a Superbowl and Ben one ups him with a 4th quarter drive to win game, thats just the way things are. Like I said I have no problem with Ben calling out Haley, he should of done it man-to-man and not in the paper. Now James on the other hand was not calling out LeBeau, why should he, this defense played better than I expected and nearly everyone else. I feel he aimed his comment more at Haley and Tomlin. I am on record in these posts somewhere of saying that going into this year I felt the offense would struggle early and hopefully start to click around midseason. They did just that and when at 6-3 I felt they were on their way to a playoff berth and deep into the playoffs. I also was more worried about our defense going into this season, but with emergence of Lewis and improved DB play I was more than happy with our defense. I know they did not produce TOs like we would of liked, but I think they did great. Offense was out of sync since Ben went down and that even includes CBs win at Baltimore. Lucky to win even one of three Ben was out, Defense played outstanding those games. Do not see any real coaching changes but some real coaching attitudes need to be changed.
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