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Default Re: Big Ben Comebacks

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
Sorry, but a few bad throws don't make Ben the problem with this team, no matter how badly you want him to be the problem.
I didn't say he was the ONLY problem. Mike tomlins shitty coaching. In game and preparedness. All of our young players on offense lack discipline. Besides Ben, None of the cowher players lack discipline cause they were coached the correct way during their time with cowher and it is hard wired into their brains to play like professionals. Having said that, Ben got lazy during the Giants game... Then got worst as the season went on. Ben threw 3 interceptions during last minute drives to win us games. two of them being pick 6's might I add. That's three games he is personally responsible for losing. Bulkshit fumbles, dropped catches, penalties, and special teams block in the back penalties killed us every game this season. How ling does it take Tomlin to fix day one mistakes that's been going on for 3 seasons now. Between tomlins poor coaching, and Ben's laziness to improve himself, that is why we will be 8-8 at best this year. I guarantee we struggle next week to win against the browns...... I guarantee it...
Mike tomlin equals one dimensional offense, and lack of fundamentals, which equals consistent losses to inferior teams, lack of discipline and injuries.
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