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Originally Posted by LLoyd&Greene View Post
Well your agenda against Tomlin is palpable. Obviously you're not being objective here. Just don't break your arm patting yourself on the back for being unapolegetically racist as an anonymous person on the internet. That takes so much courage, you're so brave.

A few questions though. Did you know who Bill Cowher was before he was hired? Did you approve of his resume, because it wasn't all that much better or extensive than Tomlin's was? Both Cowher and Tomlin were hired when they were about 35 years old with minimal coaching experience including no HC experience, yet some of you want to act like the Tomlin hire is something that the franchise has never done. You're trying to paint Tomlin as some type of AA HC who's proven himself unworthy of the job. That insults me as a Steelers fan who happens to be black. Tomlin has not been a perfect coach by any stretch and this season is a big disappointment. However, Tomlin's overall record and resume as the Steelers HC speaks for itself and fans who are still questioning whether he can do the job sound silly. If he couldn't do the job then he wouldn't have 2 SB appearances under his belt. I know I know, any success the team has had has been achieved despite Tomlin while he's responsible for everything that's gone wrong. That's how it goes with people like you, right?

This isn't true. Like you've already admitted, you(and others like you) have always had an agenda against Tomlin. You just couldn't express that anti-Tomlin agenda when we were winning without exposing yourself even more than you're doing now. I honestly wish that 99.9% of Steelers fans didn't care that Tomlin is black but apparently that's not true. You also need to get off of your high-horse and stop being disingenuous. This team is no more unclassy than some of the teams under Cowher. I certainly remember Hines Ward mimmicking the end zone celebrations of players from opposing teams. Was that classy? How about my main man J Peazy and his infamous list of antics? Are you a new Steelers fan?

Switzer was in Dallas for just 3 seasons and resigned after going 6-10 in his 3rd season. Tomlin has already coached the Steelers for twice as long, has been to twice as many SBs, and has never gone 6-10. Can we stop trying to make that comparison? Again, I agree with a lot of the criticisms made about the job that Tomlin has done this season. I think that we all want to see the problems plaguing the team be corrected. My issue is with the personal attacks towards Tomlin. My issue is with fans who have an agenda against him based on other ish and are using this season as an excuse to justify their non-football related agenda.If the truth hurts........... The reasons that you and others have listed to support saying that Tomlin's not a good coach don't hold water. His resume as the Steelers HC speaks for itself. This isn't the only season that he's been the HC and a lot of the problems that haunted the team this season weren't there in his previous year's leading the team. It's ok to be disappointed, but it's not cool to be ignorant. You're ignorant, meaning you dont know what you're talking about. Tomlin has coached the team to being a joke? 2 SB appreances in 6 years is a joke?
I call them like I see them. Since any criticism of a black man is racist nowadays, I guess I'm guilty. Hell, it's how Obama was elected, twice. Talk about someone with no resume and no record.

Anyway, back to Tomlin. If you reread my original post, you'll see that I was one of the few defending Tomlin. He's not a good coach. But how could we expect anything different? The blame lies with Rooney, for not only hiring Tomlin, but accepting this primadonna culture that's plaguing this team. And yes, it started back with Cowher. And Ben (a white guy) was/is a major part of that. Why should we have thought Tomlin would know how/when to go for 2, when to try field goals, how to use timeouts, how to discipline and manage personnel, etc? He has NEVER done any of that his entire life. His poor coaching decisions are no suprise to me, and they are no fault of his own.

He has led the team to 2 superbowls, and that can't or shouldn't be overlooked. He has had much success here, and again, I"m not calling for him to be fired. But he needs to change some things, including himself, if he intends on coaching here. And he cannot and should not be above criticism, regardless of the color of his skin.

And since you have still not answered my question (instead choosing to call me racist), I'll ask one more time. What on his resume propelled him into coaching this franchise? If it wasn't an AA/Rooney rule hire, and i hope it wasn't, then what was it that separated him from the other candidates? If it was his experience and record, then let's hear it. Personally I hope we go 16-0 and win a Superbowl each and every year, and I'd love it if Tomlin were the coach to lead us.
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