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Default Re: So Harrison is allowed to criticize coaches?

Originally Posted by LLoyd&Greene View Post
You're wrong. Do you understand what that means? I read what you said clearly, it doesn't make sense. The defense didn't underachieve this year. With the injuries that they sustained, they overachieved to be as good as they have been this year. The defense showed up and played well for more than 4-5 games. I'm not saying that they've played perfectly, but they've played well enough for this team to have won the division. Yesterday's game was a critical moment. It was the most critical game of the season and what happened? You can come up here and say that they played just as bad as the offense did in critical moments but it's not true.
Yeah, I'm wrong:

Manning- 1st game after a year off: 31 points.
Incredible Raiders- 34 points
1st Team to give KC a lead? Steelers
San Diego- 34 points
Super Titans- 26 points (i think GB beat them 55-7?)

We've lost 5 games now when we've had the LEAD in the FOURTH QUARTER.


This is a bad team. Defense had injuries? Yeah, the offense was a pillar of constitution...

Your wrong on most accounts but I'll agree again that the DEFENSE was the far better unit whatever that gets us : )
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