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Default Think About This

I have read, as many of us have, the finger pointing and temper tantrum threads. I thought I would point out some things that maybe have not been brought to light collectively in a single thread:

1. Dressed like 5 running backs last game
2. Signed a former Steeler who shot himself in the leg and did some time
3. Disciplined multiple running backs by benching and suspending them while consistently neglecting real and relevant game day coaching responsibilities and losing games by three points in the fourth quarter surely partly due to a lack of a running game (see #1)
4. Not using the guy from #2 who is great red zone threat with nothing to lose, plus the QB likes a guy of the physical stature and presence. You signed him, use him. Or for God's sake find a comparable FA or draft.
5 Run, run, pass
6 Use two time outs in the first half for naught forced to play the end of the first half like it is the end of the game

What kills me most is the coaching. Disciplining RB's while at the same time dressing so many is stupid. Make a choice. Use Buress. Why sign him? It seems to me the Steelers are trying to put on a front of "managing" a team and making decisions as opposed to planning to win games. This is odd, the Steelers usually go out and just win.

I feel the rest of the league is moving forward and the Steelers are trapped in traditional habits which will not win games.

I forgot, are things really this bad? if you had read this post last year, what would you say? Especially if you knew the team would be 7-8 or whatever they are.
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