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Default Re: Big Ben Comebacks

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
Blah blah blah blah, bens line blah blah blah. Peyton will never have issues with a line weather its good or not cause he knows how to manipulate a defense. Read blitzes and even better he knows how to throw a ball on target to a receiver who isn't running. Manning don't need 8 seconds every down to allow the players to forfeit their routes so they can scramble around to get WIDE open so Ben can hit the receiver. Don't you understand that? Ben ain't smart or good enough to throw a ball on time and on target to allow the play to unfold like its supposed to. I'm tired of hearing about the crying about the poor o line. It's not their fault Ben needs 7 seconds to find an open man. And open man for Peyton is 6 inches of seperation while moving. Ben don't have the skills to consistently throw completions like that. He is dumb and can't read defenses. That's why it takes him to 4 seconds on the play clock every down to hike the ball... He and you can blame Haley all you want, but Ben does have the ability to audible out of plays and into other ones. Rarely does it though cause he don't have the wits.

Yeah, like I posted in CAP LOCKS manning had a tumultuous off-season and is still a REAL CANDIDATE for MVP. In the eyes of fanboys like yourselves Ben may have been a."candidate" for MVP. You're a fool if you ever thought he would seriously be in the running. He throws half the amount of touchdowns as great qbs and the same if not more the amounts of Ints as average qbs. I must admit that Ben was on par for having his most efficient season and a possible legit pro bowl calibre season but he was never ever close to being a true MVP candidate.. You're a fool if you believed he was. He was playing the role of a game manager this season. Throw a td or maybe two every game, control the clock and limit turnovers. He did well for 6 games then his lazy ways took over and he turned Into shit.... Cost us 2 wins by making bad decisions and that costs us an appearance to the playoffs. MVP Baby!!!!!

P.S. Bens bailed out the defense ONE time in his career against the packers in 2009 I believe. Other than that..... He owes the defense 40+ game checks.
Saying Ben is not smart is beyond stupid, cause like I said he looked good before the injury and then he went downhill since he came back wonder why? maybe cause he has been running for his life since he got back, and just like any QB they would not be the same after missing a month of football, maybe he isn't fully healthy...who knows maybe you should jump on another teams bandwagon since Ben is dumb & cant win noting without his defense...

P:S Ben has bailed out the D plenty of times cause being clutch define's bailing out the D just saying

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