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Default Re: Big Ben Comebacks

[QUOTE=Millers the sh!t;1069938]He only
Originally Posted by BLACK_AND_YELLOW View Post
Saying Ben is not smart is beyond stupid, cause like I said he looked good before the injury and then he went downhill since he came back wonder why? maybe cause he has been running for his life since he got back, and just like any of the top QBs they would not be the same after missing a month of football, maybe he isn't fully healthy...who knows maybe you should jump on another teams bandwagon since Ben is dumb & cant win noting without his defense...

P:S Ben has bailed out the D plenty of times cause being clutch define's bailing out the D just saying[/QUOTE

Just cause I see things objectively, doesn't make me a bandwagon fan.

If Ben knew how to audible, get a hot read, or simply throw the ball to a receiver when he makes his break, he wouldn't be running for his life. Also, during the Cincinnati game, Ben starts "running for his life" 2 seconds before pressure even cones his way. He's been playing like shit recently and it was noticeable BEFORE he missed time from an Injury. Wake up and smell the coffee. Bens mentally and physically lazy, he got lazy after a quarter of the season and it showed in his play.

Give Ben a break cause he missed 3 weeks........ That's your excuse? P. Manning missed over a year, had multiple surgeries, started on a new team with a new receiving corpse and he's STILL A TOP 3 QB IN THE LEAGUE. Because he knows what hard work is, and he has heart and discipline. The only thing that Manning don't have that Ben does is an ego.

Your argument is pathetic and is a reach at best. Ben let us down this year. And it wasn't cause he got injured. It's cause he got lazy....

Sorry to let ya down but Ben ain't clutch... So there go's your theory. Clutch ain't throwing two pick sixes on last minute drives. Clutch ain't throwing an interception to the Bengals during a tied game with 20 seconds left on the clock. Maybe you should re check your definition of "clutch" .......just saying.
How long did it take until Peyton got going again?

Just because the man struggled does not mean he is lazy, and are you saying Ben has no heart?? really?? do you need a helment? you just proved that if anybodys argument is pathetic its yours i'll tell you that

Not clutch? 29 total Comebacks/game-winning drives...thats not clutch? ok yeah im done talking to you, since you hardly know what your talking about since you're all over Peytons jock.
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