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Originally Posted by Kanata-Steeler View Post
"...I'm concerned that we may have seen something worse: LeBeau's last meaningful game...."

my sentiments exactly, this Steeler Defense was/is atleast as good as the one from the 70's, and even BETTER than the the one from the 90's.
Don't get me wrong, this Defense has also made it's share of mistakes over the years.

I just keep wondering, if this steel-dream-machine defensively can maintain this year, after year, after year.
Even moreso now, we so desperately need to BUILD a #1 Offense in anticipation of this.
...of coutrse, depending on drafts, good replacement starters,..., as our Defense "ages",..., who really knows right ?

Anyway, @tanda, thanks very much for this post. !
Absolutely no disrespect intended. And I know it is a matter of opinion. But to say this d is as good as the one from the 70's, is in my opinion just ludicrous.
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