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Default Re: Chad Scott Needs Cut

Yes and no. Does Chad need to be cut? No. His ability to be a hard hitting corner who can tackle is decent enough that you wouldn't want to spend your time looking for a replacement. But, does he need to be making 4-5 million a year for his level? NO. On this, he will get cut. Now watch the bottom feeders over pay once again for a Steelers cast off, or if Chad is smart, he will look to resign at a lower level. I say this because of the rule changes. He won't be a #1 cb anywhere else cause he doesn't match for speed. And no one will pay a #2 cb 4-5 million, so the havenots will promise him number one but then downgrade him after preseason. So Chad. Take the pay cut and stay with us and be a 2-3 cb with plenty of nickel coverage and be on a winner.
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