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Default Re: Next week's "Wallce and Mendy pack their sh!7" bowl

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
Haley's offense was starting to click until Ben the KC game, when Ben got hurt. It never got back on track from that point on.
Receivers dropped balls and fumbled far too often to have the sustained drives needed to make this offense work.
2 things the offense was doing that it never did under Arians was keep Ben upright and use Heath Miller as a receiving threat.
There were 2 turning points for this season. The Cincy game in October had things heading in the right direction and then the KC game and Ben's injury turned in back downward. We were surviving all of the other injuries, but losing Ben and the fact that he is never right when he comes back was the death blow for this team this year.
The offense wasn't clicking in the KC game before Ben got hurt and hasn't clicked since. I'll agree with you that Haley's scheme better utilized Heath and kept Ben upright but it did not play to the strengths of the receivers. The receivers all are fast (Brown and Sanders use quickness and precise routes) and ae good at getting deep where they play against guys their size. They do not do well taking a beating from LBers, hence the fumbling issues. Haley's scheme worked well for receivers like Boldin and Fitz, not so much for our guys.
I say the only way you keep Wallace is #1) if you are going to play to his strengths. 10 yard routes are not his strength. #2) you don't have to break the bank to keep him. He is a wasted signing, regardless of what you get him for, if you do not allow him to do what he does best.
Mendy is a head scratcher. He ran with purpose the last game. IMO he is too indecisive a runner. Add a bad attitude to that and I think you move on. This team needs leaders, not locker room cancers.
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