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Default Re: Next week's "Wallce and Mendy pack their sh!7" bowl

Originally Posted by zcoop View Post
Agreed, if you have a Caddy and use it like a Pinto,then thats what you'll get. Wallace will be fine playing in the burgh or else where next season. Some folks don't want to admit it but the offensive scheme sucked this year and the same ones complaining about Arians' scheme are the ones blaming the players for not producing in either system.

Shit rolls down hill. Bad, predictable schemes yield bad results. Players don't call play, they just run them. If the fans treat Mike with disdain, what are they gonna do for Ben and others on the offensive side of the ball?
You, Sir, are blessed with sound reasoning. Merry Christmas. Exactly my sentiments.
Mendy had a serious injury, should not have been deactivated after those fumbles. How many times did Antonio Brown screw up, and was he benched?
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