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Default Re: Big Ben Comebacks

Originally Posted by Rick5895 View Post
I'll say it again as Ive said it a few times over the last couple of years, Ben is the right QB for this team. He had a difficult year. The whole team had one of those years. The biggest problem with this team is the lack of leadership we have. I am sure that will change over the off season and next training camp.
We lost Hines, Farrior and Smith. Those are 3 guys that are tough to replace . You can bet your ass the WR's wouldn't have had the problems they had with Hines still here, Farrior was a great TEAM leader. Those guys were replaced on the field but NOT at the leadership level. Until we find leaders of that quality this team will struggle. I noticed some guys starting towards the end to gain that characteristic. Guys like Cark, but I also didn't think anyone stepped up on the offense to carry on for Hines. Hopefully an off season of reflection of a season lost will "help" someone step up to the pulpit on the offense. Hopefully it's Ben, but Maurice would be nice too.
That sounds great and all but the only thing I foresee happening is more veterans being let go this off-season lowering the chance of having a leader or any influence in the locker room to motivate our young guys to become great. Clark is a beast and in terms of being a leader, I respect him the most and believe he is the man for the job. Troy too quiet, Harrison, too real, he likes to do his motivating on the field, not with his words. Kiesel, too much of a clown etc etc. Clark is intelligent, speaks with authority but calm, plays his heart out every down and is one of my favorite players in the black and gold. The problem is though Rick, we need an offensive leader. I don't think Ben is the right man for the job. I'd say Heath is qualified but he's too quiet and humble. maybe we cab get one of the tough guys on the o line, like Starks or The Colon, etc. If not then I feel Tomlin has to fill the role or have Veterans come in hang with the player's during practice for a few days out of the week and challenge these unmotivated and underperfm
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