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Default Re: Big Ben Comebacks

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Originally Posted by BLACK_AND_YELLOW View Post

It took all the way up to week one for Peyton to get going again. He out performed Mr clutch big Ben that week too.... Big time. BTW how did that game end? Oh yeah, Mr clutch Big Ben threw a pick six to seal the game.

There's a thin line between having heart and being stupid. Playing injured and hurting the team cause you can't perform close to your potential is stupid and not having heart.

Having heart is admitting you have a weakness and working endlessly to change your stupid ways cause it's hurting the team.
And just so you know... A "game winning drive or comeback" only means that ur team was down by a point or more during a game and you still won the game. So, if the opposing team got the ball first and scored a fg on their oppening drive, and Big Ben OR THE RUNNINGBACK scored a TD at some point during the rest of the 55 minutes of the game and we won..... That counts and is marked in the stat books as a "comeback win and/or game winning drive.". That is hardly clutch. To me, Clutch is winning a game when you're down, during the last possible drive of the game which Ben has done two times in his career that I can remember. Just In the last 4 years alone, I've seen Ben fail miserably more that 15 times in That same predicament...

One last thing hot shot...Great qb's like Peyton don't have to worry about being clutch, cause they rarely ever put their team into position where they HAVE to score on their last possession to win. Great qb's always have their team in the lead and leave the pressure of catching up to less superior qb's.

Get a clue bro' Youre terrible at making a case for yourself..... Absolutely terrible.
you're hard headed as fuck, he is not perfect nobody is but he is still on of the clutchest QBs in the game

not making a case for myself? I just basically said Ben knows how to get it done in big games not like Peyton has, idgaf if he has 4 mvps and wins another one but if you dont win a ring it dont mean shit. Is peyton one of the best? umm duh no shit but clearly he is not the same player when he goes to the playoffs, not like Ben he usually makes the plays that gets us the win.

He had two bad games but does that mean he is going to suck in the future also? no.

And being able to clutch is everything, shit it means everything in every sport, btw didn't Peyton choke in the Super bowl cause he couldn't clutch under that type of pressure?
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