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Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
WTH are you doing? Having an intelligent post will get you in trouble. You are suppose to grab pitchforks and join the mob outside Arians residence and burn him in effigy. Arians is like Stewart was as QB, not the best but not as bad as most would lead you to believe. 20 years from now some of the Ben bashers will tell their grankids how they watched the greatest QB in Steeler history and will forget about the last two games.
I know right, sometimes it seems like people just want simple solutions or explanation or to hold a witchhunt when it comes to pro sports. It's unfortunate that the most stubborn people with the least to add to the conversation are often the most prolific, lighting up a message board with 200 posts saying the same thing.

The bias against Arians is kind of comical from Pittsburgh fans, there was a poster on here earlier this year trying to tell me Arians is obsessed with Pittsburgh and "always" taking jabs at the team for, get this:

Saying Andrew Luck is the smartest QB he's ever coached (this was suppossed to be a jab at Roethlisberger... never mind that it's only a compliment about Luck and Arians has coached Peyton Manning too... I doubt he was thinking of insulting former QBs he's worked with and respected all because he is impressed with Luck...) Talk about delusional

Other posters have made ridiculous claims about Arians, a few even saying he "always" ran an empty backfield on 3rd & 1, even though when I asked them they failed to site any specific examples except once in Cleveland in 2009.

It's just bias, they decide they hate him and exaggerate his faults while trying to dismiss his successes as a product of being surrounded by talent. I'm not that huge of a fan either, I was glad when we dumped him as OC, but people are acting like every score or play we made during his 5 years here was in spite of him and all the bad plays/games were explicitly his fault. It's ridiculous.
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