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Default Giants and Steelers

The Giants and the Steelers, two storied franchises, linked in more ways than one. Two QBs taken in the same draft, both winners of two Superbowls, both worshiped and despised at times. Both coming off difficult years, questions about personnel, coaches, and from fans perspective their QBs.

What fans do not understand though is these great organizations do not panic, they do not buy into the Jerry Jones or Daniel Synder practice of "throwing out the baby with the bath water" type shakeups. They do not throw their hands up and say lets start over. They look at the team and know from years of experience that things can be remedied, although sometimes there is no quick fix.

NY fans have wanted Coughlin out for years, notably the years preceding and sometimes the year of their Superbowl wins, those same fans have cheered Eli and the next play called for his head. Steeler fans are pretty much the same, any year not ending in a Lombardi being hosted is a failure in their eyes. Ben WILL never be Bradshaw, he WILL never be giver the credit that he is due, mostly due to the fact that this is a defense first, power run second kind of fan base.

Not being from Pittsburgh (no where even close, North MS all my life) I had no ties to any team. In 1972 the only team I saw on TV every week was the Cowboys and whoever they were playing and rarely another game. The first time I saw the Steelers I was hooked. Here was a team that hit harder than others, and pounded the ball, not only beat the other team but made them lose their will to win. I was a 13 year old kid who fell in love with the Steelers first and a fan of pro football second. I loved the players, and I hated losses, but even at a young age and playing sports myself I knew you could not win everytime. Opponents are just that opponents and they are trying to win just as much as you are. I promise if you ain't losing than you ain't playing.

The Giants and the Steelers are model franchises, both are touted by nearly every knowledgeable sports reporter of doing it the right way. They both make mistakes, but theirs seem to be fewer, less often, and less costly. The will not fire a coach lightly and they will not do wholesale changes that could take years to overcome if those changes fail. They both also know that they have the QBs in place for another run at a SB, and will do what they can to make them better next year. I know we are not happy with the direction this team took, and while no solace is found in NYs similar season, we can find solace in knowing that our FO has a history of doing it the right way.
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