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Default Re: Giants and Steelers

Well said!

The way I look at stuff like this is that both us and the Giants are set up like high performance machines and such machines require constant care and maintenance.
When parts break in a regular machine, it can often still chug along and do a basically functional job. But when parts break in a high performance machine, the result is often dramatic and sometimes catastrophic.

We're just not able to operate at our peak level just now and we need fixing but we're not "broken" beyond repair, we just need to spend some time on the rack and have some parts fixed or replaced and we'll be up and running again.

One thing though...I'm not really fond of the Offense's head mechanic right now and I much preferred the guy we had before. But he DOES deserve a shot at making things right, so I'll have to wait and see what happens.

But if this happens again it's the scrap yard for him!
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