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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

To date I still think Ben's finest seasons as Steelers QB was 2004/2005.

His performance in the 2005 Playoffs was nothing short of remarkable, and even more amazing it was just his second year. Ben has never come close to that level of performance since. It's time to face facts people. Ben is not a Quarterback well-suited to be the centerpiece of an offense. He's not a Tom Brady/Peyton Manning/Drew Brees type who takes command of the field where the Steelers can afford to have him sling it 30-40 times a game each and every week without fucking up. He's just not that kind of QB. Hell, he's not even Aaron Rodgers.

Ben isn't a hopeless cause. We forget he was on pace for his best season before his injury, because he was put into a structured offense where Haley took over the cerebral aspect of it and let him do the playing. He can make the plays for sure, but when it comes to the responsibility of LEADING an offense by himself, he can't do it. He's just not a good decision maker. It's time to go back to making him a cog in the offense instead of the centerpiece. Give him his responsibilities, let him manage the game, and that's it.

The solution is simple. The Running game MUST improve for next year.

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