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Default Re: Who's the Better Leader?

I wasn't around during the 70's but I'm voting for Terry on virtue of not shitting all over himself in do-or-die situations like Ben has. Terry has two Super Bowl MVP's. Ben is still looking for his first one.

Terry doesn't lose to teams on caliber as the 2012 Raiders, Titans, or Chargers. Or the 2009 Raiders and Browns.

Ben just strikes me as a guy who really doesn't give a shit about preparation (There were talks of that) and is an incompetent leader on the Steelers Offense. Too much of damn "nice guy" to call teammates out and inspire them to do better. Why is it that year after year we're seeing the same old offensive gaffes like Untimely penalties, Red Zone Failures, blown deep balls, and boneheaded plays. You don't see that happening with Brady, Manning, or Brees under Center. They make mistakes, but they do their best to minimize them. Ben simply put just doesn't give a shit. Those QB's get their Offenses on the same page or else. Manning made the Broncos into one of the best teams in the AFC in no time flat. Put Ben on another team and I don't see the same thing happening. I don't get the vibe of players wanting to go to hell for this guy on the field, but they for sure would want to hang out with him off the field, though.

Tom Brady doesn't lose to Tim Tebow or a 13-10 contest to a division rival with the season on the line. AT HOME. To beat Tom Brady, you need your best effort. To beat Ben Roethlisberger, you just need to be barely competent.

Sunday's disaster really put a HUGE damper on Ben for me. How the hell do you as a veteran QB. come out so ill-prepared to play? The Defense puts up an inspiring effort for the home crowd and he still has his thumb up his ass. Our "Leader", Ladies and Gentleman. The 2012 Steelers were a team desperate for leadership, and Ben is not a good leader at the moment. He's just a perpetual adolescent. Just like Brett Favre.

Fuck this "Don't criticize" bullcrap. I don't have to accept garbage and be happy with it. Ben has earned every last bit of criticism.

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