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Default Re: Giants and Steelers

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
I agree. I have at times defended Arians, and now I find myself defending Haley. Both are capable of good gameplans, both make what appear to be some bonehead calls as well. I still think the biggest issue is the lack of execution by the players (something that has to be addressed by the head coach, either directly or through his coaches) and I do not think our WR are suited to the dink and dunk. If we had this kind of offense when Ward was a factor then I would be all for it, it is no coincidence that Heath had his best year, this type of offense does suit him to a tee. When our speedsters can get some separation and Ben can have some time and an open lane to throw then it becomes a different story, but our WRs are just not physical enough to free up against quality DBs.
I get what you're saying and I do agree with it to a point.

But it isn't all about execution as much as it's about excitement. I think that under Arians, Ben played a more wide-open game and one that was more improvisational and that in turn kept the receivers heads in the game more and every receiver was always "in the play" because none of them really knew if it was their turn to step up and so they were all focused on being "the man".
With what we have now, it's about running routes and catching passes which of course is a basic thing, but it's more "routine" than before and somewhat boring.

Like I've said before, Ben is not a pocket-passer or a game manager. He's more of a "make-it-up-as-you-go" type of player and trying to make him something different is a waste of time and talent.

Arians knew that and let it happen and I'm sure Haley knows that as well. The question is. can Haley put his ego aside and let Ben be Ben?
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