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Default Re: Next week's "Wallce and Mendy pack their sh!7" bowl

Originally Posted by sloppyjoe View Post
apparently you have no idea howe easy it is to look up some stas and make you look stupid.
last year under your boyy brucey, the steelers averaghed 20.3 points per game
this year under haley(first year implementing new offense) the steelers averaged 20.8 points per game.
20.8 is actuallu higher than 20.3, by the way.
Fitst I could personally care less than a fuck about Bruce or Todd, I just compared them based on some of you folks' logic. Stop trying to hurl insults and stick to the facts. We were 12 - 4 last year vs 7 - 8? this year. I'm looking at Ws and Ls. Dink and Dunk doesn't match the personnel we have on the team..
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