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Default Re: TWO 1st Rd picks

Ge ore
Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
It's amazing how one bad season turns everyone on their head coach and franchise quarterback. This is so ridiculous it's almost laughable. We're all freaking out after one bad season and calling for heads and we wonder why every other fanbase hates us? This is why. There are about 30 other teams that would love to have Ben and Tomlin as their qb/coach duo but instead of acknowledging what we have and counting our blessings, we're bitching about them.

Unreal guys. Un-freakin'-real.
It ain't one bad season. It's perennial mistakes by the coaching staff and key players that have yet to be corrected and cost us games that should easily be won by us. This is just the worst season yet that all of these rookie mistakes made by a 6th year coach and a veteran QB that really put some aware fans over the top. The reason why we are so passionate and disgusted by this season because the observations we have made three to four years ago, and the predictions we have made about where the team would be and where it would be headed if no changes were made are coming true. We noticed flaws with Tomlin and Ben and when we stated that the team would be mediocre at best in a few years, we have the blind fans, and the fans that refuse to admit anything negative about our team coming at us with torches and pitchforks.

Well here we are a few seasons later, and season after seAson we are getting uglier and more desperate for a victory as people like myself have thought and you fanboys are still in denial.....

30 other teams would not love to have Tomlin and BB as their coach and QB. WE finished middle of the pack in the league. So that automatically eliminates 16 teams that did better than our coach and qb. Now you can take away 4 scrub teams that don't even have 3 wins this season that STILL beat our HC & QB duo that you think is so deadly potent. Honestly there is probably 7 teams in the NFL THAT WOULD WANT OUR TANDEM. The rest know the truth, that Tomlin is still wet behind his ears and Ben is a selfish lazy egomaniac who's is damaged goods and when was giving the opportunity to become a better player under Haley, he gave up after 5 weeks cause he's lazy and that was the easy thing to do, even though he was having one of his most productive and efficient seAsons of his career.
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