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Default Re: Who's the Better Leader?

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
The problem with this kind of debate: it quickly descends into political-esque theatrics. Instead of simply cheering for whom you prefer, it becomes all about mudslinging.

Let's use Superman versus Batman as an allegory.

"Superman is better, because he can fly"
"Batman is better, because he has no superpowers; just sheer will power."

[It starts off well.]

"Eff Batman!!! He's a spoiled billionaire."
"Yeah, well, Superman looks like a pansy in his colored tights."

[Hark... it unravels further...]

"Anyone who likes Batman is a dumb-ass."
"Those who like Superman are low in IQ."

[Et cetera.]

What both sides of this debate need to realize is that BOTH players are great... or, using the superhero analogy, neither one of them is Aquaman.
"... Aquaman???

... he's a friggin' Dolphins-fan!!!"
"If I could start my life all-over again, I would be a professional football-player, and you damn-well better-believe I'd be a Pittsburgh Steeler!"
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