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Default Re: Why did we go 1-5 down the stretch?

Originally Posted by Steelers5895 View Post
He didnt play well. Not sure why as I still consider Ben a top qb. In fact I put him only behind Brady, Rodgers, Manning, Brees then Ben based on career accomplishments.

This year the whole team seemed out of whack on offense. I honestly think a lot had to do with the regression of our "young money" wr corpsthey either dropped passes or fumbled what they caught. Plus, they had a hard time getting any seperation which is why Heath Miller had a big year with a ton of targets. Miller is a check down not a #1 option.

He had an off year as did all our wrs and all our running backs.
Remind me again why Manning and Brees are better than Ben? QB rankings are:

1) Brady
2) Rodgers
3) Ben
4) Eli Manning
5) Peyton Manning
6) Brees (most overrated QB in league history
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