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Default Re: RAVENS ARE BACK!!!

Originally Posted by charlesk View Post
Same reason I walked around Pittsburgh for hours with a huge Ravens flag and a pitbull and a Suggs Hey Pittsburgh shirt November 18th. To call you out for the loser internet tough guy weiners that Steeler Nation Residents are (people said a lot but did nothing). Even if we lose in the playoffs at least we still got there unlike you guys. Sure we have had our struggles as of late (every team has a bad spot during the season, even superbowl teams (only a few exceptions I can think of)) but at least we didn't lose to Cleveland, San Diego, the Titans, and the Raiders. 11-5 was good enough for our first superbowl and hopefully it will be enough this year (not looking forward to NE or Denver right now though) as well.
Oh and go ahead and say how we have never beat you when it matters. That game November 18th was the turning point. If Pittsburgh had won they probably still would have won the division or at least still be competing for it now.
However I am going to bury the hatchet. Any Steeler fan that wishes to can watch the Raven's first playoff game at my crib here in Casper. You guys can watch a real team win. RSVP if you wish. See you next year!

Sure ya did, Douchebag.
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