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Default Re: Why did we go 1-5 down the stretch?

BS on anything to do with Haley. I know, for whatever reason blaming the OC is this boards go to move but it's wrong this year. They guy just got hear and Ben didn't buy in. That's the organizations issue not Haley. Ben played awful upon his return from injury but was having an MVP type season prior to that. Why? Haley was so great then and got worse ??? No. Ben went backwards to end the season. His play against Dallas and Cincy cost us our season. And the area that he mainly kills us is in the kicking game. I get his school yard play on terms of most of the field but when we are close to FG range, he cannot take sacks and he did that ALOT this year. Check the game tape. Dallas, Cleveland, Tennessee and Cincinnati were all games in which we had the ball on the other teams 30 yd line or closer and he took a huge sack. Can't do it! And win in the NFL with that type of play. That has nothing to do with Haley. It's obviously not all Ben's fault at all but he killed the season and Tomlin killed the Cincy game with bad decisions. Plenty of blame to go around.
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