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Default Re: Think About This

If Burress isn't as talented as Cotchery, why sign him at all. Plenty of other options out there without the Burress baggage. Some great points by twentyvalve. Burress wasn't worth "a look" if they weren't going to use him. He came with baggage and signing him to sit was dumb. And we don't need 5 RB's ever. 2, with Batch as STeamer bc he can also play RB makes much more sense with the signing of Burress. It gives you 3 active RBs. Using Rainey the way they did was silly and didn't work once. The Steelers were undisciplined all year. That's coaching and they need to hold players accountable but benching is not the only way to do it. They picked and chose when and whom to be tough with. IMO it backfired. Plain and simple.
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