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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

This is for everyone who so easily tosses Ben's contributions to this teams Superbowl successes.

In 2005 in three road playoff games Ben was 14-19 3TD, 14-24 2 TD, and 21-29 2TD, he had 1 (that is one) int. for that three game spread. Totals of 49-72 7 TD and 1 INT. Those kind of numbers and that kind of QB play helped us in no small measure to even reach the first of the latest Superbowls. It is well known he did not play well in the SB, but to not at least acknowledge his accomplishments up til then are down right demeaning.

As far as MVP lets compare two QBs, ones stat line 19-34 1TD 0 INT. Game winning drive with 2:39 on clock and 83 yards to do so. He completes 5-9 and score with 39 seconds left.
Next QB 21-30 1TD 1 INT. Game winning drive with 2:24 left and 88 yards to go. He completes 6-8 has one completion negated with a hold and still scores with 42 seconds left.

First stats MVP Eli Manning, media darling, Second is Bens who the media WILL NOT even consider for the MVP. Only difference is Mannings defense did not give up a two score lead with 7 and half minutes to go in the game.

Thats what I say....................
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