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Default Re: Ed Reed- another illegal hit

Let me start off by saying i don't think Reed should be suspended. Or fined. These are bang-bang plays and it happens. Period.
(So Ravens fans, don't even bother.......)

My problem, like many of you others, is whats been said. How can you throw the book at one guy (and lets face it, a couple of Harrison's "illegal hits" were after runners lowered their head into his helmet....) - yet someone else - who has done the same, if not more, you give a f-ing pardon to? And fine "less" money? And this. And that.
Even if the commissioner's office didn't like some of the things Harrison said in interviews, it doesn't change the actual play on the field. At all.

There's ZERO consistency. There's really not a "rule" per say, its more of a grey area, a guessing game.
None of the fines or suspensions are fair. None are treated equally. If this was any other business in the world, attorney's would be suing for gazillions.

I don't think any of the guys should have been suspended or fined as heavily as Harrison was. But when you treat one guy one way - and the next, not only you treat differently, but you give a freakin' pardon to as well - wow.
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