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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
No did not have a lot to do with winning against Seattle. You do know that there was a 16 game schedule played before hand and if you would take the time to actually look at his line in those three playoff games all on the road receding the Superbowl then You should appreciate what he did. I know, I watched those games, Cowher finally took the reins off and let him play and without Ben we DO NOT even sniff the SB that year or likely any other year. You fans that say he is so-so or no good kill me when you say he was just along for the ride, what makes anyone think we would of had a better or even equal QB, we went pretty much 25 years and O'Donnell was the only blimp in between. Ironic that O'Donnell has been vilified for his part in the SB loss to the Cowboys when without him we likely do not make it past the AFCCG.
No doubt. I wasn't referring to the season as a whole just the game. I also don't fault him as he was young. Afterall, you take that Uncle Rico throw for a INT people would talk differently about that game as that sure TD and his TD run would have been decent. I loved that Ben in the run up to the SEA game. Granted, I think if Palmer doesn't get hurt we lose that first one, but Ben was sick against DEN and played great against IND too. So, just talking about the singe SB game. Up to that point I am loving me some Ben. I continue to believe he performs well later culminating in ARI SB win. I am just pointing out that he did play poorly in that SB game and ARI was piss poor on D and we kinda lucked out in that game.

It's his play from that SB on that I am calling into question. Both his play on the field and behavior off of it. He doesn't seem like a guy who puts in the extra effort. Maybe all these injuries and criticism will make him work hard in offseason and we see the old Ben we all liked.
I still think the receiver ran the wrong route both times and O'Donnel was class act and didn't blame him Does anyone know the definitive proof?
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