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Default Re: A Bit Confused Over The Hate

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
The entire second half of the season the forum was swamped with people saying the Steelers don't deserve a playoff spot, or even that they don't want the Steelers in the playoffs. Now that we're eliminated, these people have their wish, yet they aren't happy. Instead they're mostly on here attacking fans who preferred to cheer for the team to win.

I don't really understand this mentality. You got the record you hoped for this season. Shouldn't you be celebrating this, since it's what you professed to want? Instead, just more bitching, but now aiming the hate at other fans.
LOL, what a piece of work. Who's calling out fans who DARE to have a different opinion than you, different expectations, different outlooks? God forbid. I didn't see anyone celebrating the Steelers being out of the POs. Who the hell "hoped" for this record for the Steelers this season? I had them winning #7 at the beginning of the season. Seriously if fans have a different take than someone else on this site, well get out the cross, hammer and nails.

Were you at the game Sunday? Were you yelling and cheering the team on? Yeah, I was. Do you have season tickets? Have you been a diehard fan of the team since the 70s and stuck by them through any lean years? You don't have the right to question anyone. Everyone has the right to their feelings without being called out for them.

I noticed when you picked my quotes you conveniently left out my posts that stated I hoped they would prove me wrong and I would be the first one here shouting yay or the ones I posted that this is a down year for the Steelers, big deal, they happen. It's not the end of the world. Where are those posts? I wasn't on this board after the Steelers lost to Cincy. I didn't expect them to lose, I was certain they would win. They didn't. Not their year. I accepted that. Who the hell is celebrating? I'd rather them sit at home for the POs than play the way they played this season. And I'll say what I say any time they miss the playoffs "oh well, next year". Oooo, look out hell, here I come..,a Steelers fan who DARE to not think like some others. Get over yourself.
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