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Default Re: Who wants to lose????

I'm pretty neutral on this game. I'm not going to root for us to lose... but if we did I wouldn't care. Same as if we won...

I guess what I care about more is how we play this game... how is the coaching staff handling this game? Are they going to give some young guys playing time? Are they going to bench players they know will not be returning next year?

I'd like to see Tomlin calling the offense... I think our Head coach needs to learn this and how else can he learn it ? He needs to try it... I think he leans too much on his coordinators at times. He clearly doesn't know when to take risks and when not to....he struggles to feel the pulse of the game IMO... if he didn't he wouldn't make some of the decisions he's made over the past year. I get the feeling his personal relationships with his players clouds his ability to use common sense when making game decisions. Why else would you try a 50+ yard FG in a game were the battle for field position was likely to decide the out come? Rather then help his team win, he often challenges them to win it on their own. While this is nobel and's not smart.

A loss likely helps us in the draft... so IMO we should try to win with players that normally sit on the sideline. This will help us for next year in more ways then one.
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