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Default Re: If Not Tomlin then who?

Originally Posted by 43Hitman View Post
How would any of those guy out perform Tomlin? You might as well take Cowher and Wiz off of that list because neither one of those guys are realistic choices to come here.

Why wouldn't they out perform the Tomlin lead steelers?

IMO they have the skills to improve on the things that need improving...Leadership being number 1. I think these guys would truly have accountability and I think these guys would bring what's been lacking... consistency and precision.

Our team has lacked focus... they are not detail orientated at all... I think these guys would be. We are mistake prone and not efficient. I think these candidates would be guys that will prepare the players to win. I also think these guys would not cost us games due to ill advised decisions. They all have skills.. What is Mike Tomlin's expertise? Leadership? Offense? Defense? X's and O's ? Can anyone answer that about our HC?

IMO we are a playoff caliber team that is playing beneath our a team. Defensively we are fine... offensive efficiency, ST's, and game decisions have been poor...and that's been the issue for some time now. Sure Cowher's teams were never offensive juggernauts... but they were efficient... they didn't make crucial mistakes once we got a good QB....and you had faith come game time the coach wasn't going to do something stupid on a regular basis.
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