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Default Re: If Not Tomlin then who?

What I do not understand from some of the posters is this, You are not happy with the way the season turned out or how last year turned out either. Good ,neither am I. I bet Tomlin is not happy, or Ben, or Rooney, or anybody else that are part of the Steelers or a fan. But here is the skinny, Do you honestly believe that wholesale changes such as firing your head coach is going to fix it, and if so how long before we see it? Are you the same people who called for Arians and now your pissed because we were just as anemic on offense. The run game didn't go the way you thought? I read Whizzes name and Ryan, and have heard Andy Reid, sorry but are not all of them on the chopping block after sterling seasons?

You want to replace Ben, OK, With who? I mean the Steelers have a track record of quality QBs in the last 25 years before Ben. Lets get rid of Wallace I am sure that is no problem to replace, just watch how quick he is picked up, (much like Arians), lets Dump Mendenhall too, I mean we got a stable full of quality RBs that showed so much promise this year. I have some earth shattering news for everyone, What if?, we are not as talented as some fans think. What if our WRs while pretty good is NOT a top 5, or even top 10 receiving corp. They are undersized, alot of drops, some have been know to run wrong routes occasionally. And what about those RBs, rarely see any runs to the outside, and few runs that net significant yards up the gut. How bout the OL they have trouble opening holes for those RBs and while better at pass protection they sometimes just seem to 'OLE those edge rushers.

And Ben all I can say is he is not Peyton or Brady,(but who is) Rodgers, Brees, Eli, Luck all locked up, so no trading him there, how bout we trade Ben and Tomlin to the Jets for Sanchez and Ryan? The only man on the entire offense who played up to his potential for the season is Heath MiIler, trouble is it took a new offense to showcase him, I thought he was one of the best before Haley came along. Truth be know we have some talent on offense but not so much as to think we can score 30+ points a game. I myself would settle for 21-25 pts a game, play good defense, and quit turning the ball over. I do not give a ratsazz if we do it running or passing, or even if the defense wants to contribute a score every now and then ( our number one defense has scored 1 td each of the last two years, Tampa Bay last in pass defense has score 3 this year). So I will continue to read all the posts of getting rid of this and that but until someone comes up with some suitable replacements then I suggest you get used to a lot of the same group next year.
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