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Default Re: If Not Tomlin then who?

Originally Posted by BlacksburgSteeler13 View Post
Honestly, why does a new fire Tomlin thread have to show up after every loss? What does the man have to do? With him at the helm, the franchise has been to two super bowls and one victory, four playoff berths, three division titles, and three 12-4 seasons. Why even bother talking about head coaching candidates? Sorry, Tomlin haters, he's not going anywhere. And let's say the Steelers actually did fire Tomlin, I guarantee many teams in the league would fire their head coaches right then and there just to hire Tomlin. It's been a down year, but the Steelers will rebound, just as they rebounded from their previous down season.
You are new to the board and I know you don't know this but you might as well hear it from me. All of Tomlins success is due to Cowher's players. Sorry you did not know this but its better I break it to you then some of the Haters who will shout it from the roof tops.
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