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Originally Posted by harrison'samonster View Post
I've probably said that before as a joke. I wouldn't seriously blame everything wrong on one person. I do agree with you though, I was glad to see him gone. He definitely did some good things while he was here, but I think we would have been better off without him.

I do believe though that being successful ultimately comes down to whether or not the players can execute, but the coaches have to take the fault when it's all over.
Absolutely! The blame lies 100% on the coaches! Look at the top 3 scoring offenses: Patriots, Broncos and Saints. What stands out about those three teams? What makes those teams able to go up and down the field all day racking up huge points? That's right! It is the coaches! What really stands out about those teams is the coaches they deserve ALL the credit!!!

Special focus should be given to the Saints. Offensive guru Sean Payton is suspended for the year- good for Pete Carmichael Jr to step in there and make something out of that bum Drew Brees!

Players don't win games! Coaches win games!

Good for Josh McDaniel! 11-17 as HC of the Broncos with 20 ppg but rediscovered his GENIUS going back to the Pats. Now he is putting up 35 ppg with his brilliant playcalls executed by that loser Tom Brady. I knew he was brilliant all along!

Remember kids- coaches win games not the players!!!
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