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Default Re: If Not Tomlin then who?

Player talent isn't the issue with Tomlin, OC isn't the issue with Tomlin, injuries isn't the issue either. Management at the end of games has been his major issue with shitty game planning. He was bailed out of a lot of big games by Big Ben and now that Ben hasn't been clutch lately, it has produced losses in bunches. Tomlin has the sack to go for it when you need to, I'll give him that, but he isn't very good at game planning. Every game is the same, keep it close, wait until the end and then we lose in the last 2 min or we win. To me, that is a sign of someone who cant game plan before and take advantage of the other teams weaknesses. A team that continues to lose to shitty teams shows me that the coach isn't getting his team prepped enough.

I do not dislike Tomlin, but, he doesn't do anything for me to be honest. He is a system coach. Is there someone better out there? Probably not. Anyone worth anything for me isn't gonna be available.
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