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Default Re: Next week's "Wallce and Mendy pack their sh!7" bowl

Originally Posted by SteelBobbleHead View Post
there we no plays designed to utilize Chris Rainey's speed.
On this I will have to disagree. On STs it cannot be helped that every damn time Rainey (or anyone) breaks a big one, some knucklehead commits an illegal block, or a hold, and his yardage is negated, which has happened enough times to become infuriating. Our STs has been an abortion from minute 1, and Rainey is not to blame for any failings on the kick-off returns.

However, on offense it is very clear that Haley really likes Rainey, and has tried inserting him into many offensive plays, that to me, look very much designed for him, or some speedster. Mainly because a friend of mine was a fairly big Rainey supporter when we drafted him, and I was skeptical of having a fast back with our porous O-Line, I had made a point of gauging his running ability. At that point, I was of the opinion that he was not going to work out for us, and now after seeing him in action I am even more so convinced.

Even on the plays where he does manage to get running room, he either A) runs the wrong way, such as in the Cowpokes game when he had an acre of room to run but instead cut back towards the LB and was promptly 1 hand tackled, or B) he gets victimized when tackled and the ball is easily swatted out his diminutive arms. Rainey is fast and agile enough, but he's too small and (most crucially) too stupid to be of any use to us. I don't hate him, but I don't like him at all, and I really don't think any of it's Haley's fault.
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