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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
The Steelers did all of the following Last Sunday. They unleashed Ben, only scored 10 points and now they're sitting at home for the postseason.

THEY LET BEN BE BEN, and they're staring dead in the face of a losing season.
Actually, no they didn't. It was more of the run, run, pass shit.

I'm tired of the excuses for his mediocrity. Ben is just a perpetual manchild who will never get it, not to mention a bad leader. He can't handle the offense competently. He was handed a Sedan and he crashed it into a tree. Time to take the car keys off of him. Fuck that "franchise QB" bullshit. Haley drives the Offense from here on out. I don't give a flying fuck if Ben likes it or not.
Sorry, 2x super bowl winning QB > OC that never won anything. I know it's hard for a yinzer to get it, but he's the franchise. Art Rooney II is the one who needs to get with the program and understand his philosophies are outdated.

Ben probably doesn't give a flying fuck what you think.

Under Haley's direction, Ben was well on his way to a career year. But being the rebellious petulant child he is, Ben wanted to be the cowboy, so he bitched in the media about playcalling after losing the game on a play HE HIMSELF called. They handed him the keys in a do-or-die game and he proceeds to shit all over himself.
Actually, as we found out when Ben got injury, Ben made Haley look good. Do you just hate star QBs or are you really this dumb? If that's what you want then go watch Steelers football from the 90's if you enjoy not winning.

They let Ben be Ben alright, and now we're out of the playoffs.
Actually, no they didn't, at least not most of the time. Most of the time Ben did exactly what they wanted him to - hand off or throw bubble screen, then bail everyone out on third down (I know your not very smart, so I'll remind you that Ben was pretty damn good on third down before he went down). It was only during the last two minutes of the game they finally realized they needed Ben. When you play close to the vest like the Steelers do, the star QB won't bail them out every time.

I still don't get where dumb yinzers like the one I'm quoting thinks Ben has ego problems or is a manchild. I guess they can't accept that Art Rooney II is the one with outdated philosophies, so they bash the star QB as often as possible to protect the owner's image.

Ben did exactly what Artie wanted him to do this season, and it didn't work. Time for the Steelers to enter the 21st century.
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