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Default Re: Hire Arians!

I am so glad someone brought the Saints and Drew Brees. Saints are 7-8 just like Steelers. We played 8 common opponents they were 4-4 as we were. They beat the Cowboys, Oakland, Chargers, and Eagles , lost to Redskins, Chiefs, Giants, and Denver. With the exception of the Eagles who we both beat and the Broncos who we both lost to the other games flipped-flop. That Brees he is something 62.7 percent completion 4781 yds 39 TDs in 15 games and 627 attempts. Pitiful Ben only 63.1 percent 3131 yds 23 TDs in 12 games and 426 attempts. BTW Brees 18 ints to Bens 8. Now lets just forget Ben missed 3 games lets just look at how much more Brees is allowed to pass, 201 more attempts so far this season. At Bens current rate his stats would read 4608yds 34 TDs 12 ints. Numbers that are very close considering one is an "offensive machine" and the other is now on the down side of his potential.
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