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Default Re: If Not Tomlin then who?

I have two issues with Tomlin - player development and discipline.

I haven't seen much development from the young guys during his term so far. Sure, it could be poor drafting, scouting, or both. But, part of the issue we've had is that there has not been enough development of the new guard. The guys that got us to 3 Super Bowls are becoming less effective, and there's no one to fill in. I don't necessarily put all of this on Tomlin, but he gets some of the blame.

The biggest issue I have is the lack of discipline. The stupid penalties, dropped passes, fumbles, and the preening and profiling for the cameras after every catch, tackle, and run drive me insane. The young guys seem to be in it more for the money and notoriety - Mike needs to make it clear that Pittsburgh Steeler football is about winning Super Bowls....PERIOD.

This team lacks mental toughness, which is surprising to me. Tomlin gives the impression of being in control of his emotions, of not being affected by high highs or low lows. Why is it then, that this team has fallen apart this season due to ridiculous mistakes at the most inopportune times? I believe it's because of his non-confrontational coaching style. The players just don't seem to fear him.

I don't want Tomlin fired. I think he is the coach of this team for a long time. However, he MUST re-evaluate his relationships with players - no more buddy/buddy crap. He must get tougher in camp. He must expect more from his veterans, and not give them a pass. He must get tougher, meaner, and mean every word of it.
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